Femke Nicoline Muntz

Illustration by Femke Nicoline Muntz / 12499Illustration by Femke Nicoline Muntz / 12498Illustration by Femke Nicoline Muntz / 12497Illustration by Femke Nicoline Muntz / 12496Illustration by Femke Nicoline Muntz / 12495

My name is Femke and I’m a mother of five and self-taught artist and illustrator based in the Netherlands. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and currently I’m illustrating children’s books and working on personal illustration projects. I mainly work with markers and pastel pencils, it’s surprisingly a great combination! I also like to randomly do some mixed media pieces with vintage papers to see what comes out of it. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else – it’s been a lifelong passion of mine to create art in one way or another.

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