Kristy Blackwell

Drawing by Kristy Blackwell / 6756Drawing by Kristy Blackwell / 6755Drawing by Kristy Blackwell / 6392Drawing by Kristy Blackwell / 6391Drawing by Kristy Blackwell / 6390

Trained in fine art and, thereafter, in computer animation, Kristy Blackwell has had an accomplished career as a digital matte painter and compositor on over 50 feature films. But Kristy’s first love is fine art and her experience creating photo-real digital images has inspired her to experiment with various traditional techniques and materials to both create and deconstruct reality on canvas or other supports. “I strive to provide an easy entry into my work with the accessible familiarity of the realistically rendered human form while portraying what I find to be the unnerving tension created between a woman’s strength and vulnerability. I think it can be found in the simplest moment – a glance, a turn of the head, a hand clasping a familiar object.”

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