Gabriel Castaño

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“Chance and construction are the coordinates that contain the secret of art, and the fate of the artist lies in accepting this as contingency”. Sartre “The question that scientists and philosophers arise is whether chance is a simple product of our ignorance or, on the contrary, is an inherent right of nature” Playing with the chance and an giving it an opportunity is something I have pursued for a while until today in the art world. As Nietzsche wrote, “We must keep up the chance” A mutable play that calls us into question, that does or undoes itself depending on how the beholder stares at it. But what I have clear in advance, is that chance will be a definite asset and assumed in the outcome of my work. Gabriel Castaño, multidisplicinary artist who was born in Madrid (1978) and graduate in Fine Arts by Complutense University of Madrid. In addiction of his dedication for the painting and the drawing he has incorporated to his work, since few years ago, disciplines like the installation, video and performance. His plastic principe and start point of his artwork are concepts like the balance and chance. The art work of Gabriel Castaño shows the reality and the appearance of the construction of the image, he offered to the observer a play of mistakes and misunderstanding which it give to the observer the complexity of the reality.

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