Hari Lualhati

Painting by Hari Lualhati / 8762Painting by Hari Lualhati / 8761Painting by Hari Lualhati / 8760Painting by Hari Lualhati / 8759Painting by Hari Lualhati / 8758

Born 1985 in Philippines and obtained a Degree in Fine Arts in University of the Philippines, Diliman year 2006 (Cum Laude). Hari Lualhati has worked in Manila, Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, and South Africa as a graphic artist, designer, book illustrator, and a painter. Hari is now based in South Africa. Hari has won numerous awards from di erent International Art Competitions and has been featured and been on the cover of Di erent International Art Magazines. Hari Lualhati’s artworks have been exhibited in Philippines, Hong Kong, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Armenia, and Ukraine. “My artworks are inspired by powerful lessons I’ve learned from life. My paintings emphasize the value of life and incorporate elements like nature and animals to show that we are all connected. Layers of expressive brush strokes can be observed at each painting, necessary for certain emotions to show through. Together with this is my rich devotion to details that elevates the artwork’s aesthetics. The profound visual narrative and the techniques used aims to reveal the invisible within the visible. Though I take into consideration the use of different techniques, I value more the feelings that I put into my works. I paint with my heart. For me, a painting is successful if it can make anyone who would look at it feel the emotion that it’s suppose to give. It is like delivering a clear message by touching the hearts of the viewers.”

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