Macarena Tabja

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Through my photography, I strive to show my way of seeing and celebrating the world. Whether working for publications or photographing personal projects, I have always been amused by certain behaviors or habits human beings have. I love that photography allows me to point out quirky, bizarre moments in an artistic and thoughtful way. As for personal experience, I have worked as a freelance photographer, mostly for events. I have also been the in-house photographer for a magazine specalized on interviews, entertainment and social events. There, I mostly photographed actors, politicians, singers, athletes, etc. I have also had a solo exhibition and been a part of two collective shows. On May of this year I was chosen along with 19 other photographers for a three day workshop in Lima and on August for a workshop on collectives. My vision tends to be a bit on the ironic side. This is a result of my upbringing, along with other factors, such as who my friends are, the idiosyncracy of my country, the school I went to, my political views, the inequality I have seen between social classes growing up and still see to this day, among other things. I bring all these aspects of my life into my photographs and, with the help of a flash, I highlight exaggerated behaviors and situations to make them seem even more over the top. I photograph because it is the way I have of learning more about myself and how I relate to the places I go and the people I meet and see. Every photograph carries in it a part of me that I may or may not be aware of and that is made visible through my work.

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