Rohan Sharad Dahotre

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I am a nature and wildlife enthusiast. A keen observer who loves exploring the wilderness, I love illustrating animals, birds and all things wild. In the near future, I would like to work towards the cause of wildlife awareness, conservation and welfare through my illustrations and hope to be able make a difference. About Animal Doodles Animal Doodles is a series of different animal, bird images I found on Google and doodled my imagination on them. One can find so many different patterns and textures in nature and especially on flora and fauna. This project celebrates animals and birds in all their glory by bringing out they beauty of their characteristics, behavior, colors and textures with doodles. The idea was to experiment with doodles of tribal patterns on photographs of animals in the wild. I have always found inspiration in tribal art and off late in African patterns and designs specifically. My first doodle experiment was a Rhino for which I got a very good response on my social feeds and so I decided to make a series out of the experiment. What started as a casual experiment on a bored evening as my first attempt doodling on images, left me with a newfound love for animals and illustration. Not only was it a satisfying creative experiment, but also an enriching learning experience. The doodles are digitally done using Wacom in Adobe Illustrator. Animals and nature inspire me.

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