Taylor Cacici

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My work relies heavily upon the representation of unsavory elements. I tackle themes ranging from; mental health, relationships, mortality, cognitive dissonance, nihilism and paradoxes. It is my responsibility as an artist to tell my story, experiences and observations in an unflinching and candid approach. The paradoxes of life often fill my brain with dread and discomfort. The artwork I produce is multi layered. The physical act of the artmaking process acts as a therapy of self-realization, while the subject matter is comprised of conceptual themes of confusion that requires introspection and critical thinking.
My portraits and figures are a physical manifestation of every experience that I have. The subject matter, composition, rendering techniques and color are created with intention. That intention being a replica of each enigmatic encounter/thought that I have on a daily basis. My artwork is heavily inspired by European Impressionism. I place a high degree of importance on the technical application and vibration of the marks. Painting and drawing in an expeditious manner allows me to capture my dilemma in the most accurate of ways. Each piece of art I create is a self-portrait, whether it resembles me or not.
We all share a common discomfort in life (at some point in time). The ability to utilize these discomforts in a productive and relevant way is my current artistic venture.

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