Turgo Bastien

  •  by Turgo Bastien / 1715 by Turgo Bastien / 1714 by Turgo Bastien / 1713

    Turgo Bastien, original founder of Art Creation Foundation for Children, is an artist of Haitian descent. His work transcends his culture, spiritual essence and life experiences to present a global vision of truth and reality. Turgo was born in Haiti, grew up in Haiti and his brain, heart and spirit are mapped and hard-wired to the culture of Haiti. Turgo sees his own marginality and unbearable cultural shock of an individual moving from one part of the world to another. The work must find another identity or recover what has been lost before it sinks into nothingness. But this is not simple. His paintings derive from the rhythmical space, filling patterns of the mask and the multidimensional state of mind of those from his background. His pictures are not mere patterns but images and their forms whether painted or sculpted, invest the surface with mysterious life. The outcome of his sight is heightened awareness that what we have in common is indeed far greater than what divides us.

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