Zena Amer

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Zena Amir, a conceptual artist from Abha, southwestern Saudi Arabia, has English literature Bachelor, self-learned the arts . She is a member of King Fahd’s Cultural Center in Al-Moftaha village and has a studio there. Her works have been exhibited in art exhibitions such as the Land of Tod by MISK Institute. She has also participated in the Artificial Intelligence Artathon in Riyadh organized by the Ministry of Culture, and further in the Eva exhibition in Al-Moftaha village. Her art consists of installations in space, paintings, drawings, collage, digital and many other forms. Zena has presented many courses and workshops for art educators in the Ministry of Education several times, as well as for talented female students of the Arts Club at King Khalid University in Abha.
Her work topics range from women’s issues to history, religion, myth and identity.
My artistic vision stems from the depth and cultural diversity of my region by presenting specific issues that can appear in several ways to the public and may be interpreted in different ways through the history of color, decorations and symbols. My work is characterized by mirroring, duplicating, or adding different elements where the viewer’s attention is drawn to a sense of the situation and the formation of his own point of view. I work in the wonderful space between the past and the present; between work and diverse ideas.
The impression of deep concepts is evoked by using strange elements on a panel assembled on a wall, or by creating elements similar to using the “selection tool” in the Photoshop software but in real space. This combination of symbols is the opposite of the traditional artistic style. I merge the three different worlds of art, culture and philosophy in the heart of one art. Through my work, I want to keep an open dialogue by developing a conceptual framework so that people can explore and continue this intellectual process.
My work aims to unravel traditional patterns and create a social impact on the context and the community.

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