Zeren Badar

Collage by Zeren Badar / 10099Collage by Zeren Badar / 10098Collage by Zeren Badar / 10097Collage by Zeren Badar / 10095Collage by Zeren Badar / 10094Collage by Zeren Badar / 10093Collage by Zeren Badar / 10092Collage by Zeren Badar / 10091Collage by Zeren Badar / 10090Collage by Zeren Badar / 10089Collage by Zeren Badar / 10088Collage by Zeren Badar / 10087

Zeren Badar is NYC based self-taught conceptual artist. He is originally from Turkey. He is influenced by art history, Dada & Pop Art. He is very interested in making works based on memory, identity and everyday objects. His works have been exhibited internationally included shows at Aperture Foundation, New York; The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO: Griffin Museum Boston etc. His works has been featured and commissioned by many well-known magazines such as Marie Claire US, Neon Magazine France and Fahrenheit Magazine Mexico etc.

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