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I’m a French visual artist and painter based in south of France.

To make it short (as you may already have lots of submissions to review !), my work is mainly about finding balance between technology (digital, machines) and nature (humans, abstract).
The main concept and story behind those pieces is “Chaos VS Control”.

By using a combination of organic and strict visuals, as well as a duality between abstract and planned elements, my project is about exploring the meaning of human life in our current digital era.
Elements in my paintings are playing around the fact of being in control and losing control, as a metaphorical representation of the uncontrolable side of organic elements in opposition to the human need of mastering life.
It is also a wild questioning of the relationship of digital and virtual symbols towards traditional mediums (painting), reminiscent shapes of those symbols we see, but choose not to interpret sometimes.
All in all, order in chaos, technological nature.

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