Christophe Delbeecke

Sculpture by Christophe Delbeecke / 10734Sculpture by Christophe Delbeecke / 10733Sculpture by Christophe Delbeecke / 10732Sculpture by Christophe Delbeecke / 10731Sculpture by Christophe Delbeecke / 10730

I am an artist located in Belgium. My passion for art started when I was studying ceramics at the academy of fine arts. I liked a lot to work with clay, and still today, but while experimenting with other materials, I discovered a lot of new possibilities. I love to use every day objects in my work . It is nice to give them a funny touch. With my série with the balloons, I wanted to disturb the pre installed software from our brain. The postponed blast creates a kind of tension that we are not used to.

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