Mark Oliver Abulencia

Photography by Mark Oliver Abulencia / 8342Photography by Mark Oliver Abulencia / 8341Photography by Mark Oliver Abulencia / 8340Photography by Mark Oliver Abulencia / 8338Photography by Mark Oliver Abulencia / 8339

My name Mark Oliver Abulencia and I’ve been shooting Street Photography for 5 years. I’m based in Milan Italy right now. I really believe that you can shoot great photography with any camera and brand. It’s amazing how many secrets can be concealed in a simple walk. Street photography for me is a big place where you can find beauty before it manifests itself. The street photographer for me must be fast and imaginative. My inspiration in photography has always come from the people of Milan. However, street photography does not require the presence of a street or urban environment. Throughout its evolution, street photography has provided a very comprehensive and detailed testimony of street culture. The advent of digital photography, coupled with the exponential growth of photo sharing over the Internet, has gradually widened awareness of the genre and those who practice street photography. I always believed in Street Photography as a powerful tool for growth and one of the finest experience in my life.

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