Sarah Eyton

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    Sarah Eyton is a photographer specialising in intimate portraits of dogs (and occasionally their humans)

    More recently, in response to the Global Pandemic and ensuing lockdowns and Quarantines due to Coronavirus, she started a series of fine art floral portraits; ‘Flowers in The Time of Corona’ Single and the more abstract, Double Exposure.

    Previously a designer, her fashion accessories have been featured in some of the most prestigious magazines around the world including, Elle, Glamour, Grazia, Marie Claire, She, and Stylist and Vogue, amongst many others and have been worn by a number of celebrities including Pixie Geldof, Danni Minogue and Anna Friel
    Following a degree in 3D design and photography, for the past 25 years she has taken all her own model and product shots for her work and for other brand names.
    The dog photography came more to the forefront when she designed a range of dog products for a luxury brand and undertook all creative direction and photography.
    During that time, some personal choices were made about a streamlined, alternative direction, away from design and more toward the photography.

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